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Armor and Glass, Bomb and Bullet Resistant

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Security Solutions through Armor and Glass


If you asked someone would they want a second chance to cheat death what would most say? Clearly the question is obvious if you are standing in front of the window when the bomb goes off, or when the bullet aimed for your head goes through the window, and strikes you in the shoulder or just lodges in the wall. Certainly, it is still possible to get hurt even if you are 20 feet from the window when the bomb goes off, or if the sniper, who is considered the worst shot in his country, just nicks you or the wall nearby, but do not count on it!

Pure luck — playing the lottery, is not the way to survive these type of events. Instead you need to use solutions will allow you to survive the battle — to fire back at who is shooting at you and/or to escape, and fight another day. Bullet resistant glass and Bomb blast resistant glass is the way to go!

Security Solutions through Specialized Glass:

Bullet resistant glass and Bomb blast resistant glass are not the same thing. Why? The reason is that they are designed for different purposes.

The first type, BOMB BLAST RESISTANT GLASS, is designed to resist buckling and shattering when the air pressure rapidly and dramatically increases from a nearby explosion; it is that air pressure increase that blows things up like your eardrums, and the windows in your house; makes your vehicles look like the hand of G-d took his anger out on them, and makes your barbecue grill sail into the pool, or through your sliding glass window. Funny enough until you realize that the same blast is going to tear your body apart in that very same instant! As you can see, this is an extremely violent event. Air is moved at up to approximately 9,400 meters per second when one of the more lethal explosives like C-4 plastique, RDX, or some of the more exotic explosives out there detonate.

For the purposes of this discussion, we are only talking about surviving a blast that would normally kill someone from the broken shards of glass that would be thrown out from the explosion. (Most people die from broken glass, shreds of metal or even a high-velocity rocks ejected by the blast.

Restated: One of the following will kill you:

  • High-speed debris creates deadly missiles.
  • Air overpressure that will tear your body apart.
  • Or, the 2000° flames that will cook you "well done" faster than you can read this sentence.

Instead of breaking, the BOMB BLAST RESISTANT GLASS "absorbs" the impact and does not shatter through multiple layers of plastic film lamination; this stops objects, thrown up or out by the blast, from penetrating the window. Although, repeated explosions in the same general vicinity can make the window fail; the goal is to get out of the way before this happens. Our windows will give you that time to escape, or change your position, and fight back.

In the second type, BULLET RESISTANT GLASS is exactly what it sounds like, "resistant." Make no mistake that if you continue to stand in front of the window that is constantly being shot at eventually the bullets will penetrate that window. The goal is to move out of the way long before any bullets can penetrate the glass. The sane person normally moves away from the window after the first bullet impacts the glass, and so BULLET RESISTANT GLASS is designed to give you a second chance and to get away, or to fight back — your choice. BULLET RESISTANT GLASS is made in a variety of ways and has various specifications depending on its application. For example, military or civilian, ball ammunition or armor piercing, or similar characteristics.

Ballistic specification available: through 7.62mm by 51mm NATO, Armor Piercing; plus other higher, ballistic specifications are also possible.

Armor specification available: through NIJ, Level IV (4), a/k/a., European spec., UL752. Possibly higher up-armored levels are available with Lexan™, but no statement about the products' guaranteed effectiveness are being made here. If you are serious about even higher armor specs, you must be willing to pay for the testing to verify your requirements.


Security Solutions through Armor:

For vehicles, boats and planes. Armor available to "serious" specifications, to protect against such rounds as the 7.62 mm by 39 mm (AP). Only the best companies, materials and products utilized to meet the needed specifications. No compromises in quality! Remember: if the company that manufactures your product is taken any shortcuts in a production of your specialized-application glass, or uses materials of a lower quality to save money, the results could cost you, your family members, or your business associates their lives or their health at the least. Make no mistake, walking, talking, and chewing food like everyone else is something some people take for granted.

Do not assume or take for granted anything about the product you are considering using in your project, or have used already. Counterfeit products, including specialized-application glass, exist everywhere and are usually made to substandard specifications to save money. If your product cannot be specifically traced back to the manufacturer — ideally, with some form of certificate of authenticity and DETAILED information about the parameters of HOW it was tested — then you are truly playing with fire. Not a game. No product discounts are worth dying for. Do you know where your product came from? Can it be traced back to the manufacturer? Do you know all the DETAILED information about the parameters of HOW the product was tested? If no, then you clearly have a problem just waiting to happen; we can help you solve this problem — contact us now to purchase materials that DO meet the proper and intended specifications, and that are certified to perform as designed. Testing information about how the products are rated in their performance are always available. Contact us now to purchase materials that DO meet the proper and intended specifications, and that are certified to perform as designed.

Also of interest, "armored" buildings, walls (resin-impregnated fiberglass wallboard to a variety of thicknesses and ballistic specifications), as well as doors that can resist both weapons and explosives — projects are welcomed. Materials utilized here include: glass and wall construction using laminated glass, Lexan™, Spectra™ ballistic fabrics, resin-impregnated fiberglass, ceramics, Titanium and Steel alloy armor plating or steel-reinforced concrete — to protect against such rounds as 7.62 mm by 39 mm (AP), 50 caliber (AP) and 20 mm. Note: any up-armored vehicles will most likely need suspension, brakes, engine and other work to compensate for the added weight of the armor; else, performance will suffer to the point of [mission] failure.

Also of interest, RPG antitank weapon defense armor methods:


What we can do for you:

We can help you to identify the risks that you may be facing, both known and a yet to be determined risk. What this means is that the term, "risk" identifies those things that may happen to you, but the "where" and "when" are unknown — this is "risk." Once we have assessed your situation, which will take some time to correctly, we will do our research and then make a proposal with both prices and implementation guidelines and recommendations for you or the people that you represent.

Of course, budget and specifications, such as weight of armor, architectural requirements to install armored components or glass will dictate what must be discussed. When considering your budget, please consider the following issues: what you stand to lose/suffer, what it will cost you to replace — if it can be replaced, and other factors. In life, sometimes you only get one chance to do it right.

Building-related items will require the involvement of your building architect. Permits may be required based on your local, state or country laws.

Additional services may be available as requested and made available.

What we are not:

We are not manufacturers. All product is brought in, finished, and ready for installation from our manufacturing companies.


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